Netflix: Edit, Undo and Make a Qwik Exit


Rumor has it, someone at Netflix finally has somewhat of clue and they are nixing Quickster Qwikster. And according to the Daily Intel, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings new mantra is “I messed up.” (Collective: duh!)

It was one thing to change (read: jack up) the pricing structure, which I found made perfect cents sense. Then in a drunken rant of an email Hastings told customers the price change could have been handled better and by the way, the convenience of having one site to stream movies online and rent DVDs from was splitting up, because a few people still didn’t completely hate Netflix, yet.

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Netflix: Watching Flix on the Net; You’re Still the One I Love

You say potato, I say pricing equity when it comes to the recent DVD rental plan changes announced by Netflix.


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The online DVD rental mega store announced it was separating out its instant streaming plan and unlimited DVD mail-rental plans. Previous to the shake up heard round the web, Netflix offered an unlimited instant movie streaming-only plan, as well as unlimited streaming with all DVD rental plans. Now, if DVD renters want unlimited video streaming, they’ll have to add on the streaming plan (currently $7.99/month) to their DVD rental plan (now also starting at $7.99/month).

Netflix admits the price change is a result in underestimation of the DVD market:

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I don’t Know, but Google Does!

Google logoEverything you need to know, Google already knows – so you don’t have to. Or so it seems, according to a recent study led by Betsy Sparrow, a psychologist at Columbia University, says the MercuryNews. Apparently our brains are changing, based on our use of Google and search engines. We retain less information that we know we can easily look up in a search engine.

Dubbed “The Google Effect” it appears that while we can still remember things we’re not searching for on Google, in general we’re forgetting the things that we have access to with a few clicks.

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