A Dilger Day?


What’s the buzz about SCSU’s “Weather Wizard” Patrick Dilger?

Thousands wait patiently, refreshing their email, hoping to hear from Patrick

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Sharing: One of the worst ways to die

One of the worst ways to die – Imgur.

It is always sad when folks are killed to death, not just killed to not death. Early morning brain fart?

Lies Your English Teacher Told You

You can’t end a sentence with a preposition…

If you encounter fierce resistance from overzealous followers of the nonexistent but persistent rule, you can recast the sentence, but the result is usually awkward. I saw a funny example of recasting on a greeting card (one that unfortunately used an unnecessary preposition):

GIRL #1: Where’s your birthday party at?

GIRL #2: Never end a sentence with a preposition.

GIRL #1: Where’s your birthday party at, bitch?

via Lies Your English Teacher Told You.

Mazed and Confused

WARNING: The following post is totally corny but somewhat “ah-maze-ing.” No, its not the corn maze itself, which is impressive…

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Non-Stop Flight? Depends!

When it comes to flying, I have some “issues.” Mental blocks, less than rational thought processes. But the latest cost-cutting measure announced by Irish discount airline Ryanair is something I can stand sit behind!

The airline has announced its reducing the number of on-board lavatories to make room for additional seating. (This, by the way, from the same airline that earlier toyed with charging fliers a fee to use the plane bathrooms.) Now, when flying the friendly skies it will be important to go, before you go. Don’t worry, the planes will still maintain one lavatory on board for those who insist on using the facilities while flying.

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Netflix: Edit, Undo and Make a Qwik Exit

From nymag.com

Rumor has it, someone at Netflix finally has somewhat of clue and they are nixing Quickster Qwikster. And according to the Daily Intel, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings new mantra is “I messed up.” (Collective: duh!)

It was one thing to change (read: jack up) the pricing structure, which I found made perfect cents sense. Then in a drunken rant of an email Hastings told customers the price change could have been handled better and by the way, the convenience of having one site to stream movies online and rent DVDs from was splitting up, because a few people still didn’t completely hate Netflix, yet.

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Even Fairies are Facing Budget Cuts

The Tooth Fairy Is Cutting Back — Daily Intel.

It seems that not even the Tooth Fairy is immune from the recession and budget cuts. In 2010, on average, the Tooth Fairy left $3.00 for each tooth collected. A year later, said fairy is leaving a mere $2.60.

WOW! Times have changed. I was lucky to get a dollar growing up in the 80s.

From the motion picture Tooth Fairy, Dwayne Johnson, Stephen Merchant and Julie Andrews.


Feeling BLUE – give a HOOT!

Congrats to the Lady Owls (basketball)
Winners of the 2007 NCAA DII National Championship!

Southern Owls