Sharing: Pro-gun group to demonstrate at Va. Tech

From The Roanoke Times:

Supporters of concealed carry on college campuses have scheduled an all-day demonstration for Nov. 17 at Virginia Tech, the university where in 2007, 33 students and faculty were killed in the worst school shooting in U.S. history.

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One Thing We May Have Forgotten from 9/11

Photo by: Thomas E. Franklin // The Record

No need to “remember,” as for many we have never forgotten the attacks on the United States of America that occurred on September 11, 2001. We remember where we were, we remember the emotions that we felt that day, or the lack thereof due to the shock. It was 10 years ago, but it seems like yesterday.

One thing we, collectively, seem to have forgotten was that spirit of unity that swept the nation 9/12/01 and in the days and weeks following. Marketplace Money‘s Bob Moon summed it up best: Read more of this post

Going Green GOAL!

Pomona College Parking Garage with Soccer Field

Photo credit: Pomona College, Parking Garage with Soccer Field

No, the photo of the parking garage at Pomona College isn’t PhotoShopped. Yes, that is a soccer field on top of the parking garage, complete with solar panels that provide shade for spectators.

While the concept of a “sustainable parking garage” seems to be somewhat of an oxymoron, a campus news release insists the soccer-field-topped-parking-garage is part of the campus initiative to go green and to be pedestrian friendly.

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The Chinese Bonsai Internet

Bonsai tree from basicbonsai.comA flurry of reports have come out about the decrease in websites in China last year. Some 1.4 million websites were shuttered due to government regulations (read: censorship). Apparently, websites in China decreased last year by some 40%, while globally the number of websites continue to increase.

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The First Grader

An inspiring story:

The First Grader

HuffingtonPost: It’s Never Too Late: The Making of The First Grader

“Elderly but dangerous…”

In June 2007, former U.S. Secretary of State Dr. Madeline Albright addressed Capella University‘s Anaheim colloquium.

The following is an except from her remarks:

One thing I refuse to do is to become silent… When I look around the world today, I believe, we need every available voice speaking up for democracy and tolerance, human rights and peace. We need every available voice encouraging young people to believe they can be anything they truly want to be, as long as they’re willing to work hard. And above all, we need every available voice spreading support for a simple but fundamental principle… that every individual counts. This principle is what education is truly all about and it is at the heart of our democracy. If we truly believe in and act upon it we will gain from the contribution of all people and we will live up to our nations highest ideals. We will have the basis for unity across every border and we will ensure our adversaries fail in their purpose of destruction and that we prevail in our purpose of helping to build a freer and more just future for ourselves and for all people.

Click here to listen to Dr. Albright’s address (followed by a Q&A).