Mazed and Confused

WARNING: The following post is totally corny but somewhat “ah-maze-ing.” No, its not the corn maze itself, which is impressive…

NPR’s news blog (The Two-Way) recently reported on a family’s adventure in a Massachusetts corn maze. A couple (who police aren’t identifying in an effort to spare them some humiliation) and their two children (5 years and 3 weeks old) got lost while trying to make their way out of the maze. The couple ended up calling 911 to be rescued from the 7 mile nested corn maze.

I can see getting lost in an amazing corn maze. It happens. But what I can understand is, who brings a 3 week old baby on an outing like that? I’m all ears folks.

If you want to check out the maze for yourself, visit Connors Farm in Danvers, Mass. Leave your infants at home, just a suggestion.

p.s. If you’re a fan of Mass accents, check out the 911 call recording. Kudos to the dispatcher, he did a great job at calming the couple down.


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