Going Green GOAL!

Pomona College Parking Garage with Soccer Field

Photo credit: Pomona College, Parking Garage with Soccer Field

No, the photo of the parking garage at Pomona College isn’t PhotoShopped. Yes, that is a soccer field on top of the parking garage, complete with solar panels that provide shade for spectators.

While the concept of a “sustainable parking garage” seems to be somewhat of an oxymoron, a campus news release insists the soccer-field-topped-parking-garage is part of the campus initiative to go green and to be pedestrian friendly.

According to the Pomona College news release:

Pomona College "green" parking garage

Photo credit: Pomona College, "greener" parking garage

Some of the key sustainability features of the new structure include:

  • Electricity: It is the first parking structure on the West Coast to use LimeLight, a wireless lighting control system that senses motion. Lights are turned down in the evening, but increase to full power one floor ahead as a person walks or drives through the structure, ensuring that lights are only used when needed, while still providing a safe environment. Also, solar PV arrays on the athletic field provide shade for spectators and should provide much of the electricity needed for the structure.
  • Water: The structure has high-efficiency restroom plumbing fixtures and irrigation equipment; drought-resistant native landscaping; and bioswales, which naturally treat storm water and other water and return it to the natural aquifer.
  • Alternative transportation: The structure has bike racks, priority parking for carpools and six electric vehicle-charging stations.
  • Reclaimed building materials: The exterior of the structure features rocks unearthed during the excavation of the site of the new North Campus Residence Halls. The cobble cladding using these river rocks is reflective of a popular style found throughout Claremont, including our own Brackett Observatory, and in the nearby Russian Village on Mills Avenue.
As part of the college’s master plan, since 2007 Pomona has been creating more environmentally friendly designs and green spaces around campus. A photo gallery of the newly completed project highlights the greenery incorporated into/around the parking structure.
Going green is great! Parking garages are also great, especially for anyone who studies or works on a commuter college campus. Parking is always at a premium (especially in those magical first 2 weeks of each semester).

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